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We recognise the concept of kaitiakitanga (guardianship and protection). This principle guides our long term thinking and the ways in which we work with the environment, natural resources, and the power stations that were built by earlier generations of New Zealanders.

We generate 100% renewable energy, and our continued investment in low carbon electricity generation is helping New Zealand move to a low-emissions future.


A variety of baseline surveys have been undertaken on the site to understand the environment at Turitea in order to help us understand our effects and how best to care for the flora and fauna within it.


The original wind farm design was undertaken with inputs from independent ecologists to minimise the disturbance of indigenous vegetation and fauna where possible. We continue to work closely with specialist ecologists throughout the pre-construction, during-construction and post-construction process to ensure we are doing the right thing throughout the project lifecycle.


The project is covered by a suite of resource consents and environmental management plans to ensure we not only protect the environment, but avoid, remedy and mitigate our effects on the environment.

Read this documentation, reports and plans


Replanting of areas disturbed during construction will occur to match the surrounding vegetation. Mitigation planting will also be undertaken on an area called Brown’s Flat to account for those areas of access track and turbine platform we cannot replant. All of the seeds for the plants are collected through a process called “eco-sourcing”. This ensures the seeds are collected from within the region and will have a greater survival rate.  We work with ecologists and revegetation specialists to make sure that the revegetation is appropriately designed for the area.


We have a strong track record of delivering complex projects in sensitive locations, and that experience has been brought to the development at Turitea.



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